What’s More Important: SEO or Social Media?

SEO or social media

We get asked this A LOT!

“Should I pay for SEO or just do social media?” The answer is of course, “both.” SEO is a long term strategy where as social media marketing can have an immediate impact.┬áHaving the right keywords, placed carefully in web pages, is┬áthe key and aim of everyone looking to get on the first page of a Google search. We’ll get you found in one way or another, but it takes time.

Social media has become just as as important, and it can have a positive, or a negative effect on how a web page is ranked on Google and other search engines. These statistics from a study by Experian may surprise you:

  • Over 26% of the internet time used in America today is used in surfing social media sites.
  • social media produces almost twice the marketing leads that trade shows, direct mail, email campaigns, and telemarketing do combined.
  • 45% of online shoppers make use of social media when making that all-important purchase decision on goods and services.

Obviously, the importance of social media must not be overlooked.

It also must be noted that any business that has a product or service that appeals to a young demographic, a social media presence is vital. The social media sites need to have links back to your company website, which will help to drive more traffic and more buyers straight to you.


With the power of social media and a well written, search-engine optimized website, you stand the best chance of competing in today’s marketplace, aka, the internet. :)