Pokémon GO Inspires a New Marketing Frontier


#holyfreakingcow! Pokémon GO has revolutionized people’s days in a matter of a week! Players are dashing from place to place, often not looking up (a person actually died walking off of a cliff because of it), and inspiring highway signs to shine boldly “DON’T POKÉMON AND DRIVE.”

And companies want to get their stuff in there too! Big brands like Home Depot and McDonalds want their business added to these highly engaging poké stops. Already brick and mortar stores with poké stops have enjoyed revenues up 75 percent in just a few days.

This is going to bring a tidal wave of new apps, games, stops, and the like. It’s pretty exciting actually. Nothing like this has ever been done before. It has opened an entirely new chapter for marketing and user engagement.

Wherever this takes us, it will be interesting.

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