Not Your Mama’s Toffee.

miss kelly's candies

We’re taking a moment to highlight one of our clients today, Miss Kelly’s Candies. We’re developing their brand strategy (among other things) and have never had a yummier tasting product to work with.

Unfortunately, in our research we had to try all of their candy. Yeah, it was pretty terrible, chunks of chocolate and toffee melting in our mouth. Josh’s favorite is Chai Tea Latte. Anne’s is Peppermint, (which tastes like a thin mint on steroids by the way). And my favorite? It’s a toss up between traditional English and Salted Caramel. I’m told I have to save the last morsels sitting on my desk for others to try. Ugh. Sometimes I don’t like my boss.

So…just so you know, these aren’t really normal candies, these are high-end gourmet morsels of delight. These will be the new staple of birthdays, holidays, corporate gifts, housewarming, and my favorite…on-hand deliciousness in your car.
Look for their brand new website soon, but for now check them out on Facebook!