Did They Just Say “Weaponized SEO”?


Ok folks, let’s settle down here, shall we? Now, I’m not suggesting we all hold hands round the campfire singing Kumbaya with our competitors, but that is a far cry from purposefully, and maliciously pushing them into the blaze and delight as they burn. But apparently more people than you would like to think are doing, or would do, just that.

A UK team wanted to test out the honestly of small businesses by offering to sabotage their competition with thousands of unrelated links and copying their content. The results were a staggering: 48 out of 61 business asked, said “yes” to the offer right away or asked for more information. Only 13 said “no.”

Psychologists tell us this is because it isn’t a physical attack so, as people feel more detached, they have less moral compass, so to speak.

We might actually need some Kumbaya right about now.

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