Digital Marketing is Growing Up


Cisco is estimating that just around the corner, by 2018, almost 82 percent of web traffic will be in video format. Everybody better jump on that bandwagon to avoid being left behind. As well, 93 percent of web usage starts with a search, so getting your name to show up in the top one or two pages is the most prime …

“…Just good storytelling” Secrets from the viral masters.


The gurus behind Thinkmodo, James Percelay and Michael Krivicka, share some secrets with the world. While we already do much of this, these guys are the masters at videos and we’re way cheaper than their 1m a video! Read the secrets!

THE most important aspect of branding in today’s new age of marketing…Visual Display

visual branding

Humans like to see things. Our brain processes information much faster, much more organized, and with better retention than with text alone. Big brands from McDonalds to ESPN, have already embraced this for their branding from video to still shots, from snapchat to YouTube. Adding visual cues and messages with your brand is a key factor for customer engagement. Read …