Digital Marketing is Growing Up


Cisco is estimating that just around the corner, by 2018, almost 82 percent of web traffic will be in video format. Everybody better jump on that bandwagon to avoid being left behind. As well, 93 percent of web usage starts with a search, so getting your name to show up in the top one or two pages is the most prime …

What’s the Leading Channel for ROI?”

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The folks over at Forbes say that there are 3 key things to help with this “leading channel.” You want to know what they say is the best for ROI?…Email Marketing.  Finding the right way to connect can make a huge impact on your audience. Read more about it here. 

How to Make Social Media Work for You

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Apparently 93 percent of marketers use social media for their business. Unfortunately, some don’t know how to best use it for greatest efficiency. The Huffington Post gives us 3 pretty darn simple tips to get started. While the rest of us think may think we know it all, the truly wise know that would never be the case, so read …

Did They Just Say “Weaponized SEO”?


Ok folks, let’s settle down here, shall we? Now, I’m not suggesting we all hold hands round the campfire singing Kumbaya with our competitors, but that is a far cry from purposefully, and maliciously pushing them into the blaze and delight as they burn. But apparently more people than you would like to think are doing, or would do, just …