Take advocacy marketing seriously


Perhaps it’s time to examine whether social media, big data, and predictive analysis are clouding where the true focus of your marketing should be. Consider local, traditional customers…these brand advocates most often spend way more with your company over time, than any one-off inspired new buyer. The investment overtime to a company should be targeted and supported. Agree? Disagree? See …

Don’t learn marketing from Trump


Don’t do anything it takes to win. Don’t pander. Don’t sell fake promises. Don’t lie. Don’t insult those who aren’t your customers. A great article from Fortune magazine tells us that while there may be power or strength in these overtly negative tactics, they aren’t the way to win organic support for your brand. Read the Fortune article here.

In 2017 Social Media marketing will look different.

virtual reality

From skimming headlines to immersive experiences, the future of our social media, as well as our marketing, will be quick and full body. What does that even mean? Since we have the attention span shorter than some small rodents these days, we need to be interested and fast. If someone can’t grab our attention in a millisecond, then we’re already …

It’s a jungle out there


It’s true. Pepsi’s CMO made a catchy comment about tech being now a veritable jungle now, and he’s right. We have merged traditional and new marketing. Content now leads the way. The entrepreneurial spirit hasn’t seen such since discovering new bugs in the rain forest. So what does all this add up to?

Oooh. New Ideas!

light bulb

We at Denver Custom Websites are always improving our methods. While we’ve fine tuned our process to be pretty stellar, that doesn’t mean new exciting stuff doesn’t come on the scene. Check out these cool ideas like helping out a reporter or doing surveys of your Facebook group. Let’s share!