Leads into Sales, What we all Need

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How about 3 awesome tips on how to maximize your inbound marketing? While they may be a step one for many of you further along, sometimes it’s a good idea to refresh what your doing and remember why.

Inbound marketing

inbound marketing

Think of it this way, supply is up, up, up, up, and demand is basically flat. Most marketers know this. The competition for more specific and precisely targeted marketing is fierce. Google now gives quick answer boxes, images, search, suggestions and more. Facebook and other platforms report that over 85 percent of videos are watched on silent. To stay on …

Take advocacy marketing seriously


Perhaps it’s time to examine whether social media, big data, and predictive analysis are clouding where the true focus of your marketing should be. Consider local, traditional customers…these brand advocates most often spend way more with your company over time, than any one-off inspired new buyer. The investment overtime to a company should be targeted and supported. Agree? Disagree? See …

Competitive Intelligence: Know Thy Competition


Part of any effective content strategy is researching your competitors. Here’s the thing, you need to really research your competition. As in, don’t stop at their website, don’t just run the audit, determine their motives, and evaluate the quality. What you learn can garner you vastly useful tools to help identify where your stop-ups in the funnel are. And wouldn’t …

Inbound Marketing is a YES!

customer magnet

Inbound marketing is when you build your brand by blogging with some good ol’ original content. Google picks up your (hopefully) maximized SEO written articles and people who want that information…drum roll…wait…for…it…find you! This way you build a community. Those with a natural interest or need of what you do can naturally begin to find you. Your audience will begin …