Email Marketing is Great, but it’s Easy to Mess it up

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Email marketing continues to be a highly effective marketing tool for most industries, despite the negative association with “spam.” It’s easy however, to miss the mark on the few seconds of attention your company is lucky enough to get for their emails. This article from CIO list 17 of the most common mistakes, like having a poor subject line…

It’s a jungle out there


It’s true. Pepsi’s CMO made a catchy comment about tech being now a veritable jungle now, and he’s right. We have merged traditional and new marketing. Content now leads the way. The entrepreneurial spirit hasn’t seen such since discovering new bugs in the rain forest. So what does all this add up to?

Digital-first marketing. The only way to stay current.

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A new report shows that 58 percent of marketing budgets are spent on digital formats in millennial run, small to medium sized businesses. I realize I just said “millennial run,” but that’s important too. This demographic is changing the very structure and foundation of marketing. In contrast, only 27 percent of marketing budgets are spent from baby boomer run businesses. …

Get Your Email Read

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Write at a 3rd grade level. Ask questions. Have an opinion. Show emotion. And other surprising data revealing tips on improving your email reading rates. Check it out.

#1 Marketing Technique for Leads and Sales = CONTENT MARKETING

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Would you believe it? More than the 7 other lead generating factors combined, content marketing is THE most important strategy for your business – no matter what business you’re in. In a 2016 survey, CRO, SEO, big data, automation, email marketing, paid search, social media and the rest was all left FAR behind. Valuable, interesting content (not necessarily more content), to …

What’s the Leading Channel for ROI?”

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The folks over at Forbes say that there are 3 key things to help with this “leading channel.” You want to know what they say is the best for ROI?…Email Marketing.  Finding the right way to connect can make a huge impact on your audience. Read more about it here.