Loyalty: worth more than any strategy

customer retention

This blog, takes an informed look at all the changes in the marketing sphere and makes some awesome recommendations. Focusing on customer retention and those patrons that follow your brand, will always yield better and more consistent profits. Influence and reach should be your top priority.

#1 Marketing Technique for Leads and Sales = CONTENT MARKETING

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Would you believe it? More than the 7 other lead generating factors combined, content marketing is THE most important strategy for your business – no matter what business you’re in. In a 2016 survey,¬†CRO, SEO, big data, automation, email marketing, paid search, social media and the rest was all left FAR behind. Valuable, interesting content (not necessarily more content), to …

How to Make Social Media Work for You

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Apparently 93 percent of marketers use social media for their business. Unfortunately, some don’t know how to best use it for greatest efficiency. The Huffington Post gives us 3 pretty darn simple tips to get started. While the rest of us think may think we know it all, the truly wise know that would never be the case, so read …

Suspense and Unfinished Plots, Keeps Viewers Reading on!

robot human

The folks over at Itproportal remind us not to “ignore the human element in marketing.” Content that tells stories, has a unique voice, and encourages interaction with custom content, drives engagement and sales… Read the article here.

Turning Site Visitors into Customers: Why to Track Conversions


Tracking conversions helps you figure out where your hiccups are within your site. That information helps you funnel potential customers further down the pipeline to an order. When someone comes to view your site you want capture their attention, keep them interested, and direct them to make a purchase. Learn more…