Marketing to people, not to genders, is better for everyone.

gender neutral

Think of it as the marketing equivalent of Switzerland. From strictly a monetary value, excluding any part of your potential audience, by assuming what one group, but not another, would be interested in, is already an inherently limiting idea. From a social value, showing support for all humans builds your brand as egalitarian and trustworthy. Check out what their saying …

In 2017 Social Media marketing will look different.

virtual reality

From skimming headlines to immersive experiences, the future of our social media, as well as our marketing, will be quick and full body. What does that even mean? Since we have the attention span shorter than some small rodents these days, we need to be interested and fast. If someone can’t grab our attention in a millisecond, then we’re already …

It’s a jungle out there


It’s true. Pepsi’s CMO made a catchy comment about tech being now a veritable jungle now, and he’s right. We have merged traditional and new marketing. Content now leads the way. The entrepreneurial spirit hasn’t seen such since discovering new bugs in the rain forest. So what does all this add up to?

Marketing Halloween!


Let’s face it, Halloween is fun. It just is. You get to dress up, be silly, have fun. Brands can have just as much fun and leave their customers with a smile on their face. Some of the best adds will be remembered for years. Even Google got in on it this year, did you see their fun little video …

Mind the gap: Age disparities in marketing and how to make them work for you.

generation gap

Marketing is changing. It has already changed. It is barely perceptible to what it once was, yet in its history comes fine morsels of wisdom. Working with a wide variety of ages in your marketing team can lead to challenges, but with a few simple tips, closed doors, become open ones. Read more…