Loyalty: worth more than any strategy

customer retention

This blog, takes an informed look at all the changes in the marketing sphere and makes some awesome recommendations. Focusing on customer retention and those patrons that follow your brand, will always yield better and more consistent profits. Influence and reach should be your top priority.

6 Reasons to Pay More Attention to Content Marketing

Those folks over at The Huffington Post did a great job being succinct and right on point with a very important thing… Content marketing. Yeah, it’s like way more important than people realize. But, more and more people ARE realizing it, so… read this

Content Marketing to an Audience of One

audience of one

You may have something amazing to say and to your carefully selected audience, but you need more.  “The future is not personalization based on audience or target group – it’s one-to-one personalization.” -Barb Zinc. This means you need to get to know your specific members within your audience. People expect that now. Read more here.