Marketing to people, not to genders, is better for everyone.

gender neutral

Think of it as the marketing equivalent of Switzerland. From strictly a monetary value, excluding any part of your potential audience, by assuming what one group, but not another, would be interested in, is already an inherently limiting idea. From a social value, showing support for all humans builds your brand as egalitarian and trustworthy. Check out what their saying …

It’s a jungle out there


It’s true. Pepsi’s CMO made a catchy comment about tech being now a veritable jungle now, and he’s right. We have merged traditional and new marketing. Content now leads the way. The entrepreneurial spirit hasn’t seen such since discovering new bugs in the rain forest. So what does all this add up to?

Tell us what YOU want: Empathetic content marketing connects us.


Personally, I’m a huge fan of writing with feeling. In fact, I believe it is how I personally write best. As humans we want to be pulled into content by sharing a moment, even if it is on screen. Hubspot writes a great blog on 9 companies that are basically putting out brilliant level empathetic marketing. Go check it out.

Digital-first marketing. The only way to stay current.

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A new report shows that 58 percent of marketing budgets are spent on digital formats in millennial run, small to medium sized businesses. I realize I just said “millennial run,” but that’s important too. This demographic is changing the very structure and foundation of marketing. In contrast, only 27 percent of marketing budgets are spent from baby boomer run businesses. …