Loyalty: worth more than any strategy

customer retention

This blog, takes an informed look at all the changes in the marketing sphere and makes some awesome recommendations. Focusing on customer retention and those patrons that follow your brand, will always yield better and more consistent profits. Influence and reach should be your top priority.

Email Marketing is Great, but it’s Easy to Mess it up

email marketing

Email marketing continues to be a highly effective marketing tool for most industries, despite the negative association with “spam.” It’s easy however, to miss the mark on the few seconds of attention your company is lucky enough to get for their emails. This article¬†from CIO list 17 of the most common mistakes, like having a poor subject line…

Take advocacy marketing seriously


Perhaps it’s time to examine whether social media, big data, and predictive analysis are clouding where the true focus of your marketing should be. Consider local, traditional customers…these brand advocates most often spend way more with your company over time, than any one-off inspired new buyer. The investment overtime to a company should be targeted and supported. Agree? Disagree? See …

Marketing to people, not to genders, is better for everyone.

gender neutral

Think of it as the marketing equivalent of Switzerland. From strictly a monetary value, excluding any part of your potential audience, by assuming what one group, but not another, would be interested in, is already an inherently limiting idea. From a social value, showing support for all humans builds your brand as egalitarian and trustworthy. Check out what their saying …

Your Marketing Strategy: Don’t Stop With the First Draft


Just like any good piece of writing or planning, you need to get that first draft out there to get you started. But that’s just it, it’s just to get you started. Don’t end up here. For one reason, you are working from assumptions on your first draft. You’ll know far more concrete details after some implementation or even just …